Welcome to Abildgaard Church in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Everyone is welcome to visit Abildgaard Church. The church is open for visitors Monday-Friday 10.00-15.00.

Come and sit in the church room for prayers, visit the Church Square and read the news paper or a magazine, visit the informationcenter, enjoy the art exhibition or join us for service every Sunday at 10.30.

International Services 2019

An opportunity to share inspiration from different liturgical traditions
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Introduction to the Sunday Service

For foreigners. Order of worship, readings, baptism, communion ect.
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Bible Studies

Bible studies: Meditation on the Cross
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Church News from Denmark

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All through the year concerts are held i Abildgaard Church. Everyone is welcome.

Liturgy & Worship

How the sunday service is conducted, the Holy Communion, hymns etc

Music and choirs

Do you like to sing? There´s a choir for every age of singer. Come join us.



Abildgaard Church invites everybody to participate in the life of the church

Friendship Congregations

Friendships and partnerships in Tanzania, Cambodia and Latvia

How to become a member

How to become a member of The Evangelical Lutheran Church



Learn about christianity and discover more about the faith of The Lutheran Church


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Denmark